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We are pleased to announce the recent publication of THE BIGGER PICTURE: The Essential Business Guide for Photographers.



Written by Jeanne Griffiths, for many years Picture Editor of Time Life London, this is a highly practical book with sound advice to help photographers succeed in today's highly competitive market, with over 1000 contacts, leads and ideas.


It includes valuable contributions from other top picture editors and art directors on how to approach them, plus chapters on rates of pay, selling stock, marketing, studios, exhibiting, grants and bursaries for photographers, leads for different fields of work, travel, insurance, finance, copyright, agencies and publishers.


There is also a chapter for prospective photography students, covering degree and other courses, portfolios, personal statements and interviews and what the prospectus won't tell you but which is essential you know.


THE BIGGER PICTURE: The Essential Business Guide for Photographers is available from Amazon.


Price 5.92 as an ebook.


Kindle ebooks can be read on iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, Android devices and other reading devices with a free Kindle app from Amazon.


Paperback published November 2011. 256 pages. ISBN 97809570555-0-6


RRP 12.99 p/b


Jeanne Griffiths is the author of six non-fiction books, including 'The Photographer's Project Book'.

She writes extensively on photography, careers, business and finance for magazines and newspapers.






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